Two of the Android spots I was hired by Brand New School work on as an animator.
Android Auto
Android ELS
Android Auto Credits:
Brand New School
Executive Creative Director: Magnus Hierta
Art Director: Cristina Barna
Designers: Victoria Lu, Valentino Vilches, Kim Lin
Animators: James Vogel, Philip Nordstrom, Mantas Gr,
Seong Yeop Sim, Ciara Bresnahan, Arthur Metcalf
Storyboards: JP Peer
Lead Compositor: James Vogel
Assistant Editor: Andrew Polich
Audio Mixer: Tiny Lion
CCO: Jonathan Notaro
Managing Partner: Devin Brook
Executive Producer: Garrett Braren
Head of Production: Tita Poe
Producer: Taline Ghazarian
Product Marketing Mgr: Gus Horwith
Android ELS Credits: